Cross country train travel

Hot tea and a love story.

Inspired by the spirit of adventure paired with my newly developed anxiety about flying, I decided to take a train from Florida all the way to New York City. In theory, this was a grand idea, I would have plenty of time (23hrs) to read, write, and edit photos, as well as sleep. I was intruiged by the romantic notion of traveling across america by rail, as one would do in the good old days. The idea was that I would be able to observe the different landscape of our country from the train, which unfortunately proved to be much less interesting than I had anticipated since for the majority of the trip it was either dark, or I was asleep.  I can usually sleep fairly well on long flights, and figure that a train seat would be similar to that of a plane, with more legroom. I was correct about the legroom, but I nearly froze to death as the air conditioning on the train had an on/off switch, with no temperature control. As an Alaskan, I can take the cold, in fact it doesn’t bother me much, but this was altogether ridiculous. In between sections of sleep and disorientation I had to rub my hands together to create friction and a false sense of temporary warmth, my trusty sleeping mask saved the day. So advice to any future cross country amtrak riders don’t forget a blanket, for it will make all the difference.

Will you oo om with me?

somewhere in the dirty south.

First sight of Manhattan, Penn Station.

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